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One of the most refreshing trends of the last few years is the turn towards better health practices and wellness. More people than ever want to develop better habits by being mindful of their consumption, fitness and general attitude. This trend has been accompanied by a new market of products geared toward the health-conscious consumer such as organic foods, dietary supplements and even wearable technology that tracks fitness milestones.

Is the market too saturated, though? Can the breadth of choices leave people flustered and unsure of how to look after their health in our modern world?  It’s always a good idea to eat healthy foods and get lots of exercise, that much is certain. But maybe we are still neglecting something in the daily rush of modern living. Maybe instead of making our health and wellness more complicated, we need to make things simpler by looking to nature and her most valuable resource: water.

Overhead view of glass filled with crisp, clean water

Let’s establish this fact before we move on: most people are not drinking enough water. In fact, many people are drinking substantially less water than they should be. And of course the alternatives to water, perhaps some kind of soda or flavored drink, usually come packed with loads of sugars, empty calories, and artificial flavorings. So right off the bat, improving your health and wellness can be as simple as drinking more water.

Not all water is created equal, however. Beyond the tap, the consumer is presented with so many different choices and descriptions – from “purified” to “artesian” and even “glacial”. These descriptions can be very misleading, and oftentimes what you end up with in a bottled water is just tap water that’s received some extra treatment.

At Blue Spring, we believe that the best water doesn’t need to be tampered with. Nature purifies our water, endows it with her life-giving essence. It’s taken from a special spring, pumped from the earth and bottled without any additional steps. It’s not surface water or run-off, meaning it’s protected from environmental pollutants from source to sip.

Blue Spring water is natural, from the earth and hardly messed with at all, and as a result it carries with it a number of naturally occurring minerals. These minerals have considerable, proven health benefits and have been sought out for their health-boosting qualities since the early days of medicine. Some people might be deficient in minerals like calcium and magnesium without knowing it, and re-introducing these into your regular diet by drinking naturally occuring mineral water like Blue Spring can do wonders for your health and wellness.

But why are these minerals so important? What does a healthy dose of naturally occuring minerals look like, and can you actually get enough of them from a bottle of water? In the next blog, we’ll answer all these questions by taking a dive into the Blue Spring. We’ll explore the science behind the water and the benefit of each naturally occurring mineral to our health and wellness.