Naturally pure.

Beautifully clean.

Velvety smooth.

Blount Spring


Blue Spring is not just a name. It’s a place, untouched by time and lovingly preserved over the generations. The Spring itself is so remote, few people even know it exists (outside a handful of locals and some very lucky wildlife).

Over the years, the spring has been revered as sacred land, guarded as a family secret, and even designated as an official geological marvel. Legend has it that both Davey Crockett and President Andrew Jackson “discovered” the spring while hunting off Black Warrior Road.

To this day, only three generations have had access to the Blue Spring. And maintaining it’s pure, otherworldly allure has become their life’s work.

Called the “Blue” Spring because of it’s shockingly clear water, this ancient, natural geyser is so pristine, you can see the bottom nearly 35 feet down. Water is forced from the depths of the Spring by internal pressure, bubbling slowly to the top over a period of centuries before a single cycle is complete.

That means the water we drink from the surface today was clarified deep in the Earth more than 300 years ago — long before surface pollutants and even humans have had a chance to make their mark.

And, the water we drink tomorrow will be just as raw, just as pure, just as new.

The journey is slow. But the reward is intense. Just as life should be.